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Frequently Asked Questions

What does FileTravel do?

FileTravel offers a complete invoicing service for self-employed contractors working overseas. FileTravel provides a company structure that will invoice your recruitment agency or end-client on your behalf whilst allowing you to get paid gross. With FileTravel you will receive your gross pay less our invoice fee on the same day that we receive funds from your agency or end-client.

In what countries can I use FileTravel?

Anywhere on earth, we can help you. Many of our Contractors move countries on a regular basis, you can use FileTravel for all of your invoicing needs.

Am I limited to working with one Recruitment Company or client?

As a self-employed contractor there are no restrictions on how many recruitment companies or end-clients you can work with.

Does FileTravel pay my tax?

No you are effectively self-employed and responsible for your own tax affairs. If you need assistance with tax we have accountants available in most countries ready to assist.

Is FileTravel an Umbrella Company?

No UK Umbrella Companies will generally employ you and pay tax and national insurance. They are predominantly for UK work. FileTravel gives you freedom over your own fiscal affairs, you will be self-employed.

What is the FileTravel fee?

FileTravel charge £220 per month (if you raise an invoice in that month) and an additional £15 per month if you require professional indemnity cover.

Money transmission fees – A sterling payment to a sterling account in the UK (including the Channel Isles and the Isle of Man) is free.

All other payments are classed as International payments and would attract a bank charge payable by you.

Where do I log timesheets?

When you want to submit an invoice to your client all you need to do is submit your timesheet online or call us on +44 1624 614971.

Can FileTravel help me find work?

No - we are not a recruitment agency.

How quickly do I get paid?

Just as soon as we receive the funds from your agency or end-client.

How do I start using your services?

Please apply online by clicking the button at the top of this page.

After registration with us we will contact your agency or end-client and request a copy of your contract.

Upon receipt of this we will forward to you a FileTravel Supply of Services Agreement for you to sign and return.

We can then start invoicing for you at your convenience. As soon as we have received your payment this is processed and forwarded to you via one of the clearing banks' most efficient money transfer services.

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